Many companies come to me to talk about eCommerce and moving their business online. It sounds like an easy win - 24/7 sales and minimal rental!  But 95% of South Africa stores are unsuccessful. What does it take to build a successful online store.

Building a successful online store

The same principles of marketing apply whether your store is online or “bricks and mortar”. The site needs to make the RIGHT impression.

You might want it to say “expensive”, you might want it to say “big bargains”, but the look and feel needs to be targeted to attract the attention of a passerby, and establish your brand and credibility.

Passing trade

A store needs passing trade – this is why most successful shops are found in busy shopping malls. The internet has some passing trade, but there are also a lot of competitors so you will need to advertise both online and offline to drive potential customers to stop by for a visit. InTouch24-7 can assist with offline and online promotions.

Good displays of merchandise

A store builds display shelving and stands to show the merchandise at it’s best. A website needs GREAT photographs, good clear descriptions, and some specials and featured products. InTouch24-7 will assist with photography and text.

Good Organisation

A store has departments, a website needs categories. Make it easy to find your products by thinking of your merchandise like a customer does! Our stores offer multi-level categories and InTouch24-7 assists in structuring your products into logical categories.

A smooth checkout process

Customers hate queues, they hate waiting, they hate forms, and they resent having to tell you more about themselves than they absolutely have to. The InTouch24-7 e-commerce system handles order-based procurement systems for B2B, as well as consumer-based credit cards and EFT payments.

Good products

You need customers – who are they, what are the qualities they look for in a product like yours? Are the customer’s you’re targeting good internet users? InTouch24-7 will take you through the strategy, ongoing costs and risks of your e-commerce site, and make sure that your store is likely to be profitable.

Customers need to feel safe

Care about their privacy, be clear about your terms and conditions, protect credit cards and immediately deal with problems and complaints. Post your contact information clearly, including telephone numbers and street address. InTouch24-7 ensures that your e-commerce website meets all legal requirements.

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