When creating an advert or website, you need to know your customers, your competitors and your company's unique competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Advertising Best Practice

Know your primary objective

Are we featuring a new product or service? Promoting brand awareness? Driving traffic to your website? Looking for a response to an offer? This will dictate all factors of target audience, message, and timing.

Get your message across

You have just a few seconds to get the attention of your reader. Headlines and captions are often all a casual reader will see — your headline and image should draw them into reading further.

On a website, Google will index your headlines and captions – make sure they contain your keywords!

Understand your medium and competitors

If you are creating content for a magazine or television,  review the content of the medium in which you are advertising.  Check competitors websites and brochures.

Avoid corporate adverts with a beautiful but meaningless photo to represent your industry.  Focus your advert on the right product with the right message for this particular reader.

Walk in the shoes of your audience

If possible, we talk to one of your customers, or to people in your target audience.  What will appeal to their tastes, needs and perspective?

Your prospects want to know what’s in it for them. Outline the overall benefit of your product or service before describing its features. Even when you think the market already knows all about you.

Drafting your text

First, talk to your sales team – they know the questions they are asked, and the features customers ask about. Be clear and use an appropriate tone and language and keep jargon to a minimum. Where appropriate, use bulleted lists, indents and call-out boxes.

Pick one image or focal point

Cluttered design weakens your ad. Your primary image should depict a benefit from the customer’s perspective. We recommend you limit the use of fonts, icons and gratuitous stock photographs. Colourful ads are usually more memorable.

Your call to action should be crystal clear

Prospects should know precisely how to obtain the product or service. Give contact information, a website address or a link. We make sure your logo is displayed in high quality and your company name is clear.

Proof and proof again

There is nothing more embarrassing than a typo. And nothing loses a sale faster than a wrong phone number or e-mail address!

Rally the support of your sales team

Make sure they know what you’re advertising, and have a method to track which advertisements are working for you.

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