An intranet gives employees and project team members a single point of access for a project or department, putting project information at your fingertips! A intranet or extranet is the ideal way to gather and distribute live, analysed data and reports in a secure and user-friendly way.

Digital workspaces for member-based organisations

“On-line project information at your fingertips!”

Are you part of a member-based Association or social group that needs to have centralised and private communication? If tools like Facebook and WhatsApp just aren’t working for you, perhaps you need a digital workspace. It is ideal for a group of people who work from different locations and cities with limited centralised administration.

InTouch24-7 uses web-based communication and technology tools to help your Member-based organisation to gather, store, manipulate and disseminate information, and then get feedback quickly and efficiently – all at a lower cost!

  • intranet communities of employees and staff
  • web-based project communication systems
  • project document management
  • online internet communities of suppliers, members, or interest groups (secure or public access)

Easy to use

Web technologies are user-friendly; information is viewed through a simple web browser from anywhere in the world. Web pages make extensive use of intuitive drop-down menus and hyperlinks. And its not as difficult to publish either. Information is kept up-to-date from anywhere, by any authorised person.

Cost Savings

Publishing information online eliminates the production, duplication and distribution costs associated with paper. The result – significantly reduced costs and increased profitability.

Streamlined Business Processes

Digital workspaces and Intranets can substantially improve the efficiency of information flows amongst members and teams – especially remote workers. Then extend the solution to sponsors and suppliers.

Encourages collaboration

Web technologies enable engineering design, training, project and management teams to share knowledge and information regardless of their locations or time zones.

Popular content Modules

  • Forums & discussion groups
  • Member contact directory
  • Central Document Management
  • Surveys & Polls
  • FAQs & Induction information
  • Calendars and Countdown to an event
  • Articles library (with attachments)

Our intranet framework

Our intranet framework is based on opensource technologies, and therefore does not require ongoing licensing fees. The system is flexible and allows expansion should new functionality be desired.

InTouch24-7 configures the initial set-up to suit individual project and department requirements, thereafter employees add and update their own data and documents. The interfaces are user-friendly and intuitive.

An intranet is traditionally located at on the client’s premises. The sites combines the PHP development language with MySql databases, a combination operates on both Windows and Linux operating systems.

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