7 Deadly Sins
Is your website a "sales representative" you would be proud to employ? Here are some ways you can optimise advertising and website content.

Persuasive copywriting

Is your website a “sales representative” you would be proud to employ? Here are some ways you can optimise advertising and website content.

Lose some weight

Rework content filled with bloated corporate-speak that boasts, “We’re Powerful, We’re Magnificent, We’re Omnipotent!” In fact, try to re-phrase ALL your content by converting all the we’s to you’s. You’d be surprised how such a simple exercise reframes your “core purpose”

Face facts

Don’t waste prospects’ time with “puffery”. Yes, mention points of differentiation, but base them on facts and figures. Stating you are “among the best in the industry” or “provide unique engineering solutions” tells the consumer little more than that you’re arrogant. Prove your worth with case studies, or even a testimonial from an important satisfied client.

Ditch the mission statement

90% of all corporate mission statements are the same.

Look, Mabel, they’re committed to quality and customer service excellence! Imagine that!

Unless your statement offers useful information about your organization’s unique competence, clear your website of all statements about your mission, vision and “we really care about employees/ customers/the environment. Prove you care with facts and case studies.

Don’t confuse technical facts with customer needs

Make sure the text you use is appropriate to your customer, his needs and especially his terminology. Even on a website where space is unlimited , but attention spans are not. Few customers will be captivated by your list of assets and equipment – they DO however want to feel confident that you will get the job done.

Don’t be arrogant

You website launch page should not open with photos of your factory. Try welcoming prospective customers with articles, case studies or industry news that might be of interest to them. A good salesman doesn’t go straight to the hard sell – first he builds trust by proving his empathy, expertise and track record.

Minimize things, maximise people

Imposing marble buildings (especially buildings you don’t own), massive factory pin-ups and photos of your products don’t impress today’s customer.

Unnecessary large logos, stock images  and photos of your CEO really slow down your site.

Instead, emphasize how you you get orders delivered correctly and on time. Use those precious pixels to provide information on the value of your product or service.

Digital marketing combines daunting list of disciplines and skills: programming, graphic design, consumer psychology, market research, copywriting, customer relations, email marketing… contact me for assistance.

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