Why should you consider an intranet or web-based online training system for your staff?

Why eLearning

The advantage of competency-based online learning over traditional methods are:

  • It’s interactive – training material including videos, and voice-linked presentations.Subject matter experts in your company can share their unique knowledge in perpetuity.
  • It’s engaging – the use of rich media such as video, sound bites and interactive tools and games makes online learning for active and interesting.
  • It’s efficient – automatically-marked tests and assessments allow employees to get immediate feedback.
  • It’s flexible – employees learn on their own schedule and at their own pace allowing them to adjust for work and family commitments.
  • It’s affordable – programs are considerably less expensive because students don’t attend formal classes, and trainers prepare material once for long-term use.
  • It’s personalized to the employee’s proficiency level, interests, time available and personal motivation. Online training can also provide introverted employees a safe place to ask questions and engage with more experienced colleagues. Tutors can engage with individual students via the system.
  • It’s transparent – learning content, questions and feedback are tailored to the student and the subject by experts in the field.
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