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Branding & Logo Design

A logo isn’t just a graphic shape, or your company name in a cool font.

Before designing or redesigning a logo, companies need to have a solid understanding of their market. This includes your strategic messages, ideal customer profiles and competitive position. It is only on this solid foundation that effective logos, advertisements and websites can be designed.

Logo redesign

Many companies are forced through budget and time constraints to “make do” with an outdated logo, ad hoc advertising placements and a mismatched set of brochures, websites and stationery. Even though the company has great products, it can appear unprofessional due to poor marketing materials.

Many expensive ad campaigns are creative and win awards but do absolutely nothing for the client. Then there have been small ads in a local newspaper that may have not been inspirational, but moved product.

The point we’re trying to make is that “good” isn’t necessarily based on the amount you spend – it’s about getting the strategy right, and implementing that strategy efficiently.

What makes a good logo?

The logo has to be simple and short, and very easy for the sub-conscious mind to remember.

Complex logos combined with gradient tones, metallic finishes and 3D effects are attractive, but not very practical. A logo must be able to be shown at a range of sizes, and complex logos can look like little more than a smudge. The cost of advertising or printing a full color or metallic logo will be much more expensive. A smart gold logo appears mustard, silver turns to grey.

Businesses need a logo that is looks good whether it is 2 metres tall on a panel van, or 1 inch wide in the corner of an Excel spreadsheet. It needs to work equally well on a business card, a cardboard box, a brochure, street signage or a web page. It should also have a black and white version for faxing and invoicing, as well as a version for dark backgrounds.

A picture is worth 1 000 words. See our logo portfolio for the versatility of their logo in the “real world” of marketing!

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