InTouch 24-7 Canada


  • Communication plans
  • eLearning System Training
  • Website Audits & Assessments
  • Facilitated Strategy Workshops
  • UX assessments and Consumer Psychology

Market & Communication Strategy

InTouch24-7 works with your sales team to prepare a practical, cost-effective Market strategy to define your value proposition and competitive advantage from your target customer’s perspective. We then identify which marketing, advertising and social media channels and tools will deliver real sales leads and improved customer engagement.

Whether its a printed publication, an advert or a website, our content writing, design and programming ensures that it presents a professional, coherent message about your company.

Sometimes technology channels are the best way to get your message across –  the internet, email, intranets, social media, electronic documents and presentations. But we are just as comfortable designing paper and ink media advertising, brochures, leaflets and newsletters. It’s all about selecting the right tool to deliver your message quickly and cost-effectively.

  1. We begin with a sound marketing strategy derived from your competitive advantage and core competence. Our step-by-step process is fast and efficient!
  2. Then we create your content – text, photographs, videos – making sure we cover what makes your products and services unique to your target audience.
  3. We implement based on proven project management techniques from first concept to delivery. All work is handled in-house – we don’t outsource, act as brokers or take commissions.

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