• Distance training and education systems. LMS design & development with structuring, parameters, auditing and assessment.
  • Training content: converting presentations to Scorm and video,  interactive online or intranet presentations with audio.
  • Intranets to improve corporate and team communications

Corporate Training Systems

Use the latest technology to enhance learning and training experiences while tracking outcomes automatically.

eLearning is flexible – employees learn on their own schedule and at their own pace, allowing them to adjust for work and family commitments. It is also more affordable because there are no formal classes, and trainers prepare material once for long-term use.

Do you need to train employees on new safety protocols or IT systems? eLearning gets teams working together in a shared virtual learning environment, across countries and time zones.

e-Learning project budgets & timing

Get the benefit of your own company-wide, customised Moodle LMS framework – the most popular eLearning platform in the world.  Moodle does not have ongoing “per seat” or “per course” license fees so you save long-term.

Budgets are usually around CA$ 20 000 for system implementation excluding travel and any server equipment.  Hosted “cloud-based” solutions are also an option – Moodle is designed to work in a secure online environment.

Project timing averages 3 months from the strategy planning session to the first courses going live online. No ongoing costs – I train your staff in administration of the system, and best practice for converting existing materials to effective training modules.

Implementation Approach

I work with your HR and training teams to brainstorm and define what your trainees and your executive management need from the system, what they COULD have, and how Moodle can be adapted to you to improve the fit. This can be as simple as a meeting, or can be part of a larger “change management” programme (a facilitated session where you allow stakeholders to define and articulate their own needs).

The initial “Look and Feel”.  The devices and  objectives of users is a critical consideration.  If you are doing only internal training, staff will use a fast internal IT infrastructure. If the system is for Doctor education – they might be in Ugandan village with nothing but a cell phone.

Selection, installation and parameterisation of functional modules based on your strategic requirements.  You are usually provided with a prototype of your system on our development server, so your team can monitor progress and test options. Then a clean version of the entire final system is moved to your server.

Your IT team (which can be anywhere in the world) would need to give me online access to a secure web server. There are some minimum technical specifications, but they aren’t excessive.  You would not start to add real content until you have a totally secure server environment.

The system has security updates once or twice a year.  It is not a complicated process but requires taking backups and access to the server. Your IT team will probably prefer to do it, but I can assist if you don’t have trained personnel.

Once the system is operational, you might call me in at your convenience to investigate new functionality.


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