• Competitive edge
  • SWOT analysis
  • Customer and target market analysis
  • Creative brainstorming

Facilitated Workshop

To ensure that your advertising is based on a sound marketing strategy, Let me facilitate a structured working session with your marketing team to brainstorm, define and document your current (and future) marketing strategy.

  • Your industry
    Who are your competitors in this sector, large and small, new and old? Who has what share, globally and in each market? Where do you fit in?
  • Your clients
    Who are we aiming to attract, where do they source product information, what are their needs and what will they like most about your product.
  • Your competitors
    What do you offer that competitors don’t? How good are their products? How do they market? Has anyone introduced game-changing new products, new technologies, or a new distribution channel? Are there any announced or potential new entrants, and what have they been up to in the past year?
  • Your Strategy
    Have you lost any competitive advantages that you once had – a great salesperson, a special product, a proprietary technology? What scares you most in the year ahead — what one or two things could a competitor do to nail you? Is your top talent secure, and are you caring for them appropriately, with pay, perks, and a culture that inspires them? What can you do to change the playing field – is it an acquisition, a new product, globalization, or better talent?
  • Your brand
    Defining the company or product image. Have you bought a company, introduced a new product, stolen a competitor’s key salesperson, or licensed a new technology from a start-up?
  • Your products
    The benefits and features of products or services to be advertised. For each product range, what can you do to make customers stick to you more than ever before and more than anyone else?
  • Analysis of possible media
    above-the-line, below-the-line, online?
  • Advertising Objectives
    What do you want and expect to achieve?
  • Resources available
    Time, money and internal staff. Every task handled in-house makes budget available for media and print.

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