Canada Portfolio Technical Writing


  • Writing new content from documents or interviews with subject matter experts.
  • Structural editing to improve its organization and content
  • Reducing text length without losing information
  • Re-writing for active voice
  • Eliminating jargon and ensuring policies are sensitive to ethnicity, disability and gender.
  • Establishing or maintaining the appropriate language level
  • Converting tables to graphs, charts and infographics.
  • Expanding with illustrations and relevant photography
  • Redesigning page layouts
  • Ensuring consistency with corporate guidelines

Technical Writing & Editing

Let me convert your wordy, text-based product, procedure and help manuals into visual, concise SCORM-compliant interactions and assessments for sales, training and e-learning.

Use the accessibility and interactivity of technology to deliver user-friendly, meaningful and memorable knowledge, sales and learning experiences. I can upgrade both your content, as well as your web-based distribution system.

I work with subject matter experts (SMEs) to write original content for customer or staff education. I incorporate user-friendly visuals, graphs, tables, video screen captures, interview snippets, animation, self-assessment, scenarios, music and sound tracks.

Update and modernise your old corporate policies so that the language and graphics are powerful, easy-to-understand and inclusive. And most importantly, short.

I have a BSc in Computer Science with an extensive track record in corporate induction, sales scenario training, software user manuals, as well as health & safety topics in the manufacturing, construction and mining sectors.

Interactive documents incorporate any video, audio (multiple-languages) and slide animations. Allow viewers to page back and forth, read notes, click on linked content or download attachments.  Or I can convert your presentation into a self-contained video for YouTube.


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