Pivot your business for successful remote working

Email me to set up your free 1 hour consultation to explore how technology can keep you in touch 24-7 with new and existing customers. Let’s look for ways that your business can offer MORE personal encounters that connect you with local communities.

Vaccinate your business against Covid-19 distancing ! Embrace digital transformation and put the fun back into shopping experiences!

Upgrade your website

  • Include a “showroom” of products with pricing
  • Add video chat to offer 1-on-1 expert advice
  • Add WhatsApp link for international visitors
  • Virtualise your events or kitchen with webcams
  • Add a “personal shopper” service with GoPro
  • Add eLearning for online training or private team forums
  • Monitise your knowledge with distance learning
  • Add eCommerce and then sell on behalf of others

Connect More (Zoom, Skype or YouTube streaming)

  • Show how your product looks, feels and works
  • 1-on-1  personal training and consulting
  • Engage with local specialist communities on social media
  • List your home-based business on Google’s My Business
  • Add audio and movement to update your presentations
  • Build your mailing list and get your newsletter out weekly