Canada Portfolio 3D interactive book


  • Converting PowerPoint files to interactive presentations or videos.
  • Convert presentations for resale (SCORM-compliant package)
  • Creation of interactive "scenarios" for gamification of sales and safety training
  • Editing for readability and typographical errors
  • Expand with illustrations and relevant photography
  • Redesign PowerPoint templates for consistency
  • Audio: voice-overs and music tracks
  • Screen recording for software  demonstrations
  • Security and intellectual property protection

Powerpoint Conversions

PowerPoint is the corporate world’s favourite communication tool. But after putting dozens of hours into a slick sales presentation (and much more for a training session) you reach a dead end.  If you make the file downloadable, you risk losing your intellectual property.  A PDF with written notes just doesn’t fire the imagination like your original speech.

Let me convert your PowerPoint sales and support presentations to interactive documents that continue to provide ROI after the big event.  These packages are fully branded, and can be viewed over the internet or an internal network. They can be password protected, and they can’t be edited.

Protect your intellectual property by providing information in a format that prevents competitors from downloading PowerPoint files and “borrowing” your valuable content.


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