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  • Corporate identity including stationery, logo design and branding
  • Group web presence
  • Product branding
  • Product brochures and leaflets in multiple languages
  • Product website with Bahasa translations (Indonesia)
  • Product presentations
  • Assist local distributors with customised branding and marketing tools in multiple languages.
  • Domain and email management

Africa & Asia (PT. Africa dan Asia)

Africa and Asia is a business consultancy providing trade linking services between Africa and Asia-Pacific. The company spans three powerhouse trading hubs in the region – Singapore, Jakata and Johannesburg. They provide cross trade businesses match making, exporting African resources and products to Asia  and importing products and technologies from Asia to Africa.

Their distributed network of operations makes the internet their primary marketing tool.


With such a broad scope of potential products and opportunities, the company needed a brand and an internet presence that was not generic, but that could expand to continually include new products.

  • The overarching “shield” is a mirror image of two A’s, reflecting the cultures of east and west. It is reminiscent of Chinese Shu symbols of longevity and good fortune.
  • The logo has options in shades of grey, which are used to create a more subtle branding. This logo often appears in conjunction with a product they are marketing, and will not overpower the primary message.
  • A full set of branding, corporate identity items and stationery was also provided.
  • The global consulting headoffice has a small website to make new connections and promote opportunities to investors and distributors when necessary.

Product Marketing

Africa and Asia assist their clients with global and local marketing materials and strategies to maximise profitability and reduce risk.

One such product is Gurtex – an eco-friendly waterproof coating for wood, metal, concrete and masonry. In the high rainfall areas of Asia, the pacific islands, Australia and South Africa this is a product with huge potential.

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