• Technical writing and manuals on masonry construction
  • Media Advertising
  • Media editorial and public relations
  • Conference theme, delegate files, display materials and presentations
  • Event invitations and RSVPs, event displays, photography and videography
  • Interactive Website
  • Member Communication: training, print and email

Clay Brick Association of South Africa

Consumer & Public Sector marketing (built environment)

The CBASA is the professional body representing the brick industry in southern Africa. This is a highly legislated sector with carbon taxes plus extensive and constantly changing environmental management reporting and requirements. The industry also faces pressure from customers and consumer groups for improved energy efficiency and product aesthetics.

I have handled marketing strategy and communications for CBASA since 2001 – they were one of my first clients.

Marketing tools

Primary communication is through the interactive website I developed. It has over 1000 pages of technical content, and markets brick and paving products on behalf of CBA members. The website averages 35 000 visitors per month.

With my strong background in construction and engineering, I am able to research, write and produce technical manuals and fact sheets for engineers and homeowners on complex topics including firing techniques, masonry construction and legislation, as well as creative topics like architecture and interior design.

I design and place media advertising and press releases customised for architects, construction contractors and the public sector.

Clay Brick Association – Editorial & Press Releases

YouTube Channel and Technical videos

Based on the CBA’s research findings, I write scripts and then produce videos for the CBA’s Educational YouTube Channel.  These are usually multi-skill projects – I often do the photography and filming, do voiceovers, create animations and then edit the video as well. Sometimes – very rarely – you will see me in front of the camera as well!

  • Atmospheric Emissions From Clamp Kilns in SA Clay Brick Manufacturing
    In collaboration with the Clay Brick Association of SA, an 18 month research study was initiated to monitor gaseous pollutants and particulate matter generated by clamp kilns during the firing process.

  • Automation & Robotics in Brick Manufacture
    Improving quality, reducing costs and waste with robotics in clay brick manufacturing. Compression during the extrusion process reduces the risk of fracturing during drying. Automated packing ensure even, consistent drying and prevents breakages in the brittle, unfired bricks.


CBASA provides numerous free skills training publications to the construction industry and small contractors. I work in conjunction with masonry specialists, the CBA technical team and often other illustrators and designers to make sure the publications are easy to read despite the complex topics.

A research study on clay brick-making in Africa was initiated to give CBA members a sense of opportunities in neighbouring countries. I took sole responsibility for the publication including:

  • editing from the research paper for readability and typographical errors
  • book structure and layout
  • illustrations and maps
  • sourcing of relevant photography from each country
  • page layout and proofreading
  • publishing print material (CMYK PDF 300 dpi)
  • convert to online HTML5 flipbook – see sample pages

Funding proposals & reporting

The CBA has a strong environmental sustainability message. In 2014 and again in 2018 I assisted in writing documentation for EU funding to research and promote sustainability in the industry.  This research was then converted into brochures and leaflets to educate construction professionals on green building practices through the use of clay brick. Canada Portfolio. Technical writing, editing, infographics and layout design for research studies. Canada Portfolio. Technical writing, editing, infographics and layout design for research studies.

Member Communication

Member communication across several countries is through both emailed and printed newsletters as well as roadshows, regional events and the annual conference.

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