• Edit, design and publish the quarterly magazine
  • Develop and edit content for the national website
  • Implement chapter websites and electronic newsletters plus brand training
  • Design promotional materials from in-store posters to presentations
  • Member engagement through daily updates on social media accounts to promote events while quickly dealing with any complaints before they escalate

Harley-Davidson & Harley Owners Group

After-sales customer engagement and brand loyalty

A Harley is often a “mid-life crisis” purchase. How do you ensure that these inexperienced customers ride safely, stay loyal and never regret their purchase?

Harley Owners Group is the world’s largest motorcycle club, and through proactive customer engagement HOG members compete with each other to buy the latest Harley-Davidson branded clothes, accessories and motorcycle model.

For 13 years I have handled member marketing for the Harley-Davidson Africa Division. At a time where other regions are shrinking, Southern Africa has grown from 3 chapters and 2 annual rallies to 11 chapters, 11 rallies and 3 national charity events.

Quarterly H.O.G. Member Magazine

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