• Internal, External and Investor communication
  • Website
  • Internal Communcations Intranet
  • Corporate publications including company magazine, group benefits newsletters and Annual Report.

Murray & Roberts Limited

Dept Head: Public Affairs & Group Communications

Murray & Roberts is a listed public company with over 30 000 employees, working on global engineering construction projects across the Middle-East and Africa.

Over a 10 year period of explosive economic growth and social and political turmoil, our pioneering communication projects successfully dealt with issues like diversity, labour unrest, drug and alcohol addiction and worker adult education. I assisted with international tender proposals and engineering project communication and training in multi-language, multi-cultural environments using intranets, the internet and mobile phones.

Dianne Volek – 1994 Editor of the Year

The position reports to the Group Commercial Director at a holding company level. The department consisted of a team of eight specialists. The position primarily involved strategic management of the public affairs and included internal, external and investor communications.

I was originally employed as Internal Communications Executive, and was promoted in 1995. In 1995 I was runner up for the prestigeous SAIIE Editor of the Year Award (The SA Institute of Industrial & Technical Editors)

  • Long term strategy plan for internal, external and investor relations
  • Marketing and Communication Consulting services to subsidiary companies in mining, manufacturing, logistics and construction on behalf of the Holding company.
  • Annual Report and related investor relations – writing of CEO speeches, media relations, content and production of presentations.
  • National and international advertising
  • Group publications (corporate brochures, videos, etc.)
  • Corporate internet website and subsidiary company websites
  • Corporate intranet including educational training programmes
  • Managing editor of the group’s corporate magazine (clients and employees)
  • Advice on with international construction tenders and tender presentations.
  • Department budget and financial administration
  • Pre-and post-production research and communication audits
Award Winning Publications
Report to Employees – Bronze Medal (Best Internal Publication); Corporate Magazine – Gold Medal (Best Internal Publication), Curriculum Vitae – Silver Medal (Best External Publication), Annual Report – Bronze Medal (Best Annual Report).


From 1997-2000 I implemented the M&R Group’s first intranet. I presented concepts and motivation to the Board of Directors, and was given full responsibility for design, structuring, development and content creation.

I continued to manage the Intranet team for 3 years, building online applications for skills development and training, Group Benefits information and internal promotion of services within the group. The Executive Dashboard was a key application for Group Companies to switch form monthly reporting on spreadsheets to live data input and reporting.

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