• Marketing strategy, corporate identity, stationery and branding.
  • Advertising, brochures, product catelogues and public relations editorial.
  • Co-ordination of the in-house and external marketing teams.
  • Web-based application to integrate Uniclox software with after-sales support (warranties).
  • Product photography.

Technical Writing

  • Technical software manuals, help files and technical specifications.
  • Design of software DVDs, icons and software user interfaces (UX).
  • Low-cost training videos for installation and use of the system for YouTube.
  • Technical editorial for trade publications.

Uniclox Limited

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Uniclox Limited is a listed technology company providing labour tracking, time-management and access control solutions using biometric and RFID devices.  The company provides integrated custom-developed software and hardware components, suited to tough industrial and mining environments. Their sales, training and support network extends throughout Africa and the Middle East.

Uniclox employed a strong sales team, but did not have in-house marketing expertise.  I co-ordinated external resources and took the lead in marketing strategy & planning.  I handled branding, product photography, advertising, public relations, technical writing and tender documents for mines.

When I began working with Uniclox, all software was installed from DVD and I assisted with support and installation documentation and DVD and box design.  By leveraging my web-development expertise, we were able to develop a web-based software application, which integrates Uniclox hardware with human resources employee databases. The website also provided after-sales support, issue management and warranty registration for all Uniclox systems.

Technical Writing

Over time, my work expanded to include more assistance with the software itself. I edited the Technical software manuals and help files to improve professionalism and consistency, and created an easy to update technical specifications for over 50 hardware products.

for the online software products, I designed modern icons and software user interfaces (UX) that were more intuitive.

I scripted and filmed low-cost training videos for installation and use of the system for YouTube, and provided editorial for technical and trade publications in mining, construction and engineering.

Branding & Packaging

Retail Merchandising

A major initiative was the distribution of Uniclox products directly to consumers through a major retailer (Massmart, a Walmart subsidiary). The retailer has strict specifications and I worked with the Unclox team to co-ordinate retail staff training, promotional materials, merchandising posters, a display kiosk sales and reward initiatives for the retail sales team.

For the first time, Uniclox product needed to be installed by the end-user, and not by an individually trained IT/HR technician.  As users can return the product within 30 days, it was important to ensure that the hardware mounting and software installation and use was very intuitive.

I worked with the software developers to simplify installation and to provide more defaults, and to improve the user interface and design all icons. I designed, wrote and published visual “quick start” guides as well as digital and online training manuals and help. I also created an online warranty registration and management system.

The successful implementation provided the company with a new direction, allowing them to exponentially increase the volume of sales.

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