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Social Media

Social Media strategy has become a distinct communication channel, although all the principles of marketing still apply. And perhaps the most important advice is don’t try to master them all!

Despite the technology tools that promise to post every communication to all channels, this “efficient” approach will result in being effective on none of them.

Which social media channel suits your customers?

It’s no use being on Facebook if your stakeholders prefer Twitter or Instagram. Most channels have identified their niche audience, use that for targeting.

Which social media channel suits your product?

Some channels are visual (Instagram), some are geared to video (youTube), some are headlines or text (WhatsApp), long blogs and education (LinkedIn) while others are text and static image (Twitter and Facebook). If you have a visual product (architecture, landscaping) Instagram is where your posts will do well.  If you specialise in advice and services, look at LinkedIn.

Most users of social media are only there to talk, and often to shout. Very few are there to listen. Even with the best strategy and implementation, you might find that it is best to keep a low profile.

Why is your social media strategy failing?

If your company is “failing” on social media – it isn’t driving sales or customer engagement – you have discovered the hidden truth about this over-hyped communications channel.

Firstly, it isn’t ABOUT selling, it’s about branding.

So use it to learn about your prospective customers, to ask for opinions, to engage, and to listen.  And that is rarely a task that 3rd party suppliers are good at.  The average social media expert will use the same strategy for every client, and automate whatever possible to get the job done quickly.  That means a cute saying or a joke, a pretty picture and lots of likes to get your stats looking impressive.

Second, if you are unlucky, your expensive teenage expert networks with a large group of fellow experts to like and share each other’s work, and to buy likes and follows. No-one seeing your posts was ever a potential customer – you aren’t failing – the communication medium is currently flawed.

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