the Art and Science of Persuasion

Mastering the 1-Minute Marketing Pitch

There are a dozen situations every week where you get less than a minute to pitch your new idea or project with a potential prospect. Sometimes you don’t even know he’s a prospect. He’s the guy in the lift next

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InTouch24-7 Canada logo and business card design
new business

Top 10 Branding Assets for new SMEs

So what are your “must haves” when it comes to setting up your new business venture?  And what are the services that will cost time and money, distracting you from your core job of building your customer base.

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Logo Design

What makes a good logo?

Most clients are shocked at the cost of a logo design – how can something so small and simple take so long to design?  Your logo is the visual representation of your company, and you will need to live with it for a long time.

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Email campaigns

Please don’t spam – it’s bad for business

Email is the most effective marketing tool available and it’s relatively inexpensive. But overuse by a few unscrupulous bulk email companies is fast ruining this vital communication channel for us all. How can you manage your mailing list and email campaigns easily, efficiently and legally!

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ACT Act of 2002

The South African ECT Act of 2002

You are affected by the south African ECT Act of 2002 if you are a South African company sending  or receiving orders or proposals online or via email; if you send out an email newsletter; or if you are concerned about your personal information on the internet, hackers or cyber-crime

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