the Art and Science of Persuasion

Mastering the 1-Minute Marketing Pitch

There are a dozen situations every week where you get less than a minute to pitch your new idea or project with a potential prospect. Sometimes you don’t even know he’s a prospect. He’s the guy in the lift next

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Project Managers – what’s your game plan?

Project teams are very like sports teams. Is your team amateur or professional? As the coach, are you providing your team with a clear, well thought, practical game plan that they understand and will follow? Or are you exhorting them at the top of your lungs to “work harder”?

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Putting that plan into action

All great projects begin with a plan. Why do project plans so often end up in the bottom drawer – forgotten and failed – despite hundreds of hours of investigation, analysis and great ideas. Why are so many great business ideas never actioned?

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website development

Web design by committee

Corporate websites are often the result of a pressurised timing plan and a company-wide production line of feedback with contradictory requirements and suggestions. It is not surprising that corporate websites are rarely informative and elegantly intuitive.

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In praise of the generalist

The phrase “Jack of all trades, master of none” does a disservice to all generalists. Generalism shouldn’t be looked down upon, but rather sought out and embraced. Generalists strive to master many complex skills. They approach and solve problems by drawing on complex bodies of knowledge across many fields.

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Digital workspaces for member-based organisations

An intranet gives employees and project team members a single point of access for a project or department, putting project information at your fingertips! A intranet or extranet is the ideal way to gather and distribute live, analysed data and reports in a secure and user-friendly way.

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the Art and Science of Persuasion
Project Management

Learn the Art of Persuasion

Persuasion is a vital skill every project manager needs to learn. Every team leader must be able to “sell” – to his team, his board members and his boss. We’re not talking about manipulation.  Learn how to present your suggestions well, and you will improve your ability to deliver projects on time and budget.

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