InTouch 24-7 Canada Portfolio CBA Technical Writing


  • Content editing, illustrations, graphs and photography
  • Powerpoint conversion to video and interactive
  • PDF conversion to flip-books
  • Word conversion to ebooks
  • Dialogue simulations
  • Quizzes with branching and self-directed learning
  • Training videos including live screen capture
  • Audio recording

Training Content Interaction Design

Change the way your company thinks about training materials! I work with your internal teams to identify opportunities for scenario-based training (online role-playing), gamification and structuring induction, training courses and assessments.

Content Options


Don’t reinvent the wheel! Convert existing PowerPoint training presentations  to sophisticated interactive, rich-media tools including video (Scorm compliant) Professional, multi-language audio track recording on presentations (before converting to Scorm or other LMS formats)


Again – don’t reinvent the wheel! I add interactivity to PDFs so indexes and links are clickable, and add tables of content, or even interactive video embedded in the PDF.  Catalogues are converted into attractive flip-books

MS Word

Convert Word documents into .azw or .mobi eBooks.

Dialogue Simulations

Turn instructions and sales scripts into interactive dialogue simulations. Train your sales team to deal with angry customers and negotiate effectively to improve their performance.

Self Assessment and Quizzes

Assess competency and evaluate your team’s progress. Make drag-and-drop activities and quizzes with a wide variety of question types, and set scoring rules and branching scenarios.


Help newcomers absorb introductory materials easier by turning them into interactive training modules.

Interactive Training Videos

Improve your team’s product knowledge and soft skills. Create videos on your products, motivation, or teamwork in a tick: record your webcam and enhance videos with hints, transition effects, and titles.

Adaptive Content

Create content once and have it play smoothly and responsively across a variety of browsers and devices: computers, smartphones, and tablets.

Courses meet international eLearning standards: SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, AICC, xAPI (Tin Can), and cmi5.

Web-based Corporate Training


Online training is easy to access from anywhere and allows your learners to pace themselves however they need. If you have employees across the country or globe, online training ensures that they’re all receiving the same information and learning the same policies.

By using a learning management system to deliver your training, you are ensuring that your employees can access it whenever they need to, and do not need to delay until the “start of the course”.

Immediate and Cost-Effective

Providing online training to your staff is an immediate, cost-effective way of delivering training. It boosts productivity and engagement. Online training streamlines knowledge sharing, allowing a sales staff to get out there and sell instead of wasting time sitting through a training lecture. In addition, you cut down on the costs of speakers, travel and facilities required for in-person training.

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