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The InTouch24-7 "Website-in-a-box" is the solution for a small or new business. Low risk. Budget-friendly. Fast implementation - often less than a week.


A website can be a costly expense for a new business, and can delay the critical work of attracting leads and supporting your new business networking. It’s the first place a new contact will look, and you need it NOW!

The InTouch24-7 “Website-in-a-box” is the solution for a small or new business, non-profit, club or event. Low risk. Budget-friendly. Fast implementation – often less than a week.

  1. Choose your design from pre-defined panels, that are then personalised to your branding and content.
  2. Provide us your text and visual content. We source images and edit wording from your existing company profile or website. We incorporate search engine optimisation to help you perform well on Google searches.
  3. Approve the interactive, finished website exactly as it will appear to the public.
  4. Pay the fixed fee of $3 000 that includes:
    • Your completed “website-in-a-box” with sophisticated home page plus up to 5 dynamic or static pages.
    • An international .com domain (.ca domains available on request)
    • Website Hosting for one year including security updates. ($25 per month thereafter)
    • Email addresses using your own domain name
    • One hour of training on Skype so that you can update your text and images at any time, and add blogs or pages. It is as easy as using Microsoft Word!
  5. We move the website to your new domain name, and set up email.
  6. We continue to support you with new functionality and assist your webmaster at an hourly rate.

Need Less?

If you already have a hosting contract, our “website-in-a-box” can be installed on most common domain and hosting platforms. Contact me for a reduced price!

Need more?

Our advertising and communications services include copywriting, logo design or “rejuvenation”, business cards, leaflets, brochures, public relations, advertising design and social media strategy. InTouch24-7 is affordable, and will get your new business in touch with leads and prospects quickly so you can network confidently.

Is a website-in-a-box right for you?

Custom-built websites are created literally from a blank canvas. With technology today “anything is possible”, and most companies wrestle with too many ideas and opinions.

And then there is scope creep! Great new ideas emerge during development when everyone is focused on customer buying patterns and needs. You want to implement them, but each one bears a cost.

Our website-in-a-box solution is ideal for the new or small business owner on a budget who needs a professional, high-impact website to support networking and new business development.

Email us today to learn more about the InTouch24-7 “website-in-a-box”

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