• Dynamic, sophisticated websites that you can update in-house
  • Mobile-friendly websites to drive sales
  • Sourcing and editing of website content for search engine optimisation
  • Secure websites for member-based organisations and communities
  • Domain registration with email, hosting and website statistics

Self-maintenance websites

We design, write & build professional websites and complex mobile-friendly applications to market your products and services, get sales leads, interact with customers and support clients.


I offer a full starter package for just $1 500. You will be up and in touch with customers in no time!

  1. Professional starter WordPress “website in a box
  2. Sophisticated custom-designed launch page (single page website)
  3. International .com domain
  4. One year of hosting including security updates
  5. One hour of Skype training

These sites are completely self-maintenance – just add your own products, blogs or pages at no additional cost.

Still nervous after your training? I am always available to convert and edit content from your current website, or assist with additional pages.

Dynamic, data-driven websites

I also offer custom design and web development on Drupal and Moodle frameworks, as well as MailChimp newsletter management.

I specialise in dynamic, database-driven websites where clients can update their own websites, or delegate updating to their PR company.  Any person with internet access (and the correct authorisation) can be delegated to add or update content.

There are no ongoing licensing fees, and the web framework is modular and flexible.

A web designer is more architect than artist – function matters! We are Drupal specialists who can programme advanced database-driven applications.

Content is the foundation of every website. Graphics give impact and memorability, words change opinions and drive sales! Getting your content right is our first priority. Professional copywriters will ensure your wording is not only grammatically correct, but written to attract your niche target market – AND improve your Page Rank on Google.

Detailed performance metrics and search engine analytics make sure you understand what is working on your website and what needs improvement.

Website Strategy

Our disciplined briefing and assessment methodology guide our clients to make the right long-term decisions concerning:

  • Branding – how does it look?
  • Site Design & Architecture – is it logical and efficient?
  • Site Navigation – is the site intuitively structured
  • Responsiveness – how well does it work on a cell phone?
  • Functionality – is it fast and user-friendly?
  • Applications – could you save time and money by gathering or distributing information online?
  • Legal issues: disclaimers, privacy policies and the ECT Act of 2002
  • Google Search engine optimisation

Creating content

Design and content must to work together to provide a satisfying, enjoyable experience for your readers and potential customers. Content might be text, photographs, icons or rich media like video.

Google search rank is based on your text content, so keywords must be incorporated into your wording. Image based websites are attractive, but to get get that top rank on Google, you will also need words, captions and tags.

By working with a professional copywriter when creating or upgrading your website, you are assured of wording that is not just grammatically correct, but is written to attract and interest your niche target market. We will research your industry and competitors, edit from brochures or profiles or write new text content. We can take photographs, or source appropriate royalty-free photographs, icons and graphics.

Domain Registration, Hosting & Maintenance

InTouch24-7 only offers hosting to our clients, as we are very strict about server security. We can also negotiate appropriate hosting solutions or domain names with your supplier of choice.

For a website to remain a strong corporate brand, it must be regularly updated. I have worked with numerous clients over many years to ensure that their site remains fresh and exciting.

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